Interests within Wivenhoe Sailing Club are varied – dinghy racing, cruiser racing, cruising, canoeing, rowing and just messing about in boats.

Wivenhoe Sailing Club welcomes applications for membership from everyone with a genuine interest in sailing and the sea or those who just like being near or on the water.

You do not have to own a boat to join, the club has sailing dinghies, a small sailing cruiser and a canoe for members to use. If you know a member who can propose you, then please ask them, otherwise, come to the clubhouse during a Friday evening or at lunch time on Sunday and introduce yourself. And there is no joining fee.

Our membership fees remain amongst the lowest in the country. Wivenhoe Sailing Club is a small friendly club, run for and by its members.   Members are therefore encouraged to volunteer for duties to contribute in the running of the Club

Click here to download a Membership Application Form

For more information please email or come along to the Clubhouse.

Annual Subscription for 2024/25 due 1st March 2024Amount
Family £105.00
Single Person£84.00
Young Adult (18-25)£25.00
Cadet Club members£20.00
Cadet Non Club members£50.00
 Dinghy Hard Fees for 2024/25 due 1st April 2024Amount
Canoe, Kayak, Tender and Dinghy up to 3m£42.50
Dinghy over 3m (per metre)£13.00
Inside Pontoons (Senior members)£42.50
Gig (per metre)£13.00
Trailer not kept under dinghy or cruiser£32.00
Winter Storage, 1st October 2024 – 30th April 2025 payment due 1st October 2024Amount
Yacht Winter Storage – Ashore (per metre)£16.00
Yacht Winter Storage – Pontoons (per metre)£16.00
Penalty Fee for cruiser overstaying (per week)£15.00
Moorings 1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025 payment due 1st April 2024Amount
All moorings (per metre)£23.50

The above fees exclude late charges.  Storage and mooring charges are per boat.   For a complete set of fees download the WSC Fee document