In June 2020, Wivenhoe Sailing Club became proud owners of a Whitehall Skiff – “Linnet” – a handsome and seaworthy 14ft 6in. rowing skiff, which is designed to be easy to row on coastal waters. She is based on the Whitehall Skiff, a traditional American design used on the Hudson River in New York, although reputed to have originated on the River Thames in the 18th Century.

Built of GRP construction, by (and for) Brian Kennel Boatbuilders, she can be rowed with either single or doubles sculls (two oars per person), coxed or un-coxed. “Linnet” has a distinguished history, having already competed in three 21-mile Great River Races up the Thames.

To support the use of “Linnet” by members and to provide the local community with an opportunity to discover rowing on the Colne, WSC is forming a Coastal Rowing Section to help the sport grow and improve access and facilities for those who wish to discover and take part in coastal rowing from Wivenhoe.

If you are interested in getting afloat, learning to row and booking “Linnet”, please email